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The Nihongo Safari Extension adds furigana or romaji to any webpage, anywhere on the web.

Tap on any word to see its definition, right inside Safari. Tap on the definition to jump over to Nihongo and see example sentences, alternative spellings and more.

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Search for words, kanji, and example sentences all in one place.

Our dictionary is made to find what you're looking for fast, with the words Japanese speakers actually use at the top of every search result.


Have you ever tried to use a word you looked up in the dictionary, only to find out that no one has ever heard of it?

Every word in Nihongo is marked as common, uncommon, or rare, so you can avoid those embarassing moments.




Our kanji entries highlight the commonly used words you need to know to understand each kanji.

Standalone words are called out individually, so you can quickly identify transitive/intransitive verb pairs.


Tired of looking up words one-by-one? Paste in Japanese text, and we'll turn every word into a link to its definition. We'll even add furigana.

All clippings are saved, so you can come back and finish reading later if you need to.




Context is the key to remembering vocabulary.

Nihongo automatically generates flashcard decks from your clippings and your dictionary history, so you can focus on studying the words you're actually using.


Our context-focused approach applies to kanji too.

Kanji flashcards include a drawing area, so you can test your ability to write kanji. We prompt you to fill in the missing kanji from words you already know, so you always have context for what you're studying.


and more...

Spaced Repetition

Our unique learning system is easier to use than other spaced repetition systems. We don't penalize you for missing a day, so you can stop and start whenever's convenient for you.

Level Up

Every word in Nihongo has a level, and the more you study the more you level up. Just pretend you're grinding towards that relic weapon.

Learn faster

Nihongo's flashcard system is designed to maximize the amount you learn for every minute you spend studying.


Nihongo contains entries for over 170,000 words, 165,000 example sentences, and 6000 kanji.

Advanced Learners

Nihongo is great for professional translators and advanced learners. With flashcards generated from clippings, you can focus on the words that are relevant to you.

Great For Long Text

Create a clipping from a long piece of text, like a chapter of a book, and Nihongo can create a flashcard deck with only the frequently used words.

Learns What You Know

To make studying more efficient, with Nihongo you only study the words you don't already know.

iPad Multitasking

Nihongo supports split-screen multitasking on the iPad. Easily lookup words while you use any other app.


  • Really easy to use, great interface, ability to listen to work pronunciation, and the flash card system is awesome. - Madcrzy44, App Store Review

  • I highly recommend this app, definitely worth the money. So far, it is the best tool I have come across for learning Japanese - kimsama223, App Store Review

  • This app is worth every penny. Can’t recommend enough if you’re trying to learn Japanese. Very useful! - Jake Kordas, App Store Review

  • It's a really great dictionary, especially with the new update. Highly recommended. - Mikeroycain, App Store Review

  • I've been wasting my time on other apps handwriting every last one of my flash cards, but on this app I can type in my kanji and it will give me the definitions I need! So far this is my favorite Japanese app :) - Maddy50i, App Store Review

  • Love the interface. Clean and easy to use. - QaXQaZ, App Store Review

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